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wall mirror
free plans: how to make a
Wall Mirror
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a framed wall mirror that uses mortise and tenon joinery. You can use the same technique described below to display photographs or paintings. This project requires a relatively small amount of wood and with sufficient sanding and proper finishing, you can achieve a fantastic wall hanging that will make your room appear bigger and more airy.

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design considerations


You can choose any size you like, but you should make sure that the ratio of the width of the frame to the size of the frame suits your taste. If you choose a very large size you may want to use a heavier mirror than you can use on a smaller one.

other ideas

You can make all sorts of variations on this project. The tops of the stiles (vertical frame pieces) can be planed thinner after you have completed the tenons - this will create a reveal between the rails and stiles. You can also set the stiles in from the ends of the rails thereby creating overhanging rails. These frames can also be used for paintings and photographs. We urge you to be creative!

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