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wall mirror
free plans: how to make a
Wall Mirror
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a framed wall mirror that uses mortise and tenon joinery. You can use the same technique described below to display photographs or paintings. This project requires a relatively small amount of wood and with sufficient sanding and proper finishing, you can achieve a fantastic wall hanging that will make your room appear bigger and more airy.

step:               6      

Once the glue has dried, you need to create the necessary edge profiling. We used a rabbeting bit and removed the material on the inside edge. We set up the bit in a router in a router table and moved the frame around the bit using the bearing as a guide. You should make a few passes with the router, raising the bit each time so you are not removing too much material at any given time. The corners of the rabbet (as shown to the right) need to be removed: we simply used a chisel to remove the material. You can also rout additional profiles on the other edges of the frame. We used a roundover bit to round over one of the outside edges. We knocked down the remaining edges with sandpaper.
a rabbet on the inside edge of the frame will provide room for the mirror

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