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wall mirror
free plans: how to make a
Wall Mirror
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a framed wall mirror that uses mortise and tenon joinery. You can use the same technique described below to display photographs or paintings. This project requires a relatively small amount of wood and with sufficient sanding and proper finishing, you can achieve a fantastic wall hanging that will make your room appear bigger and more airy.

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Now you are ready to work on the joinery. In our plan for the framed weave, we used a half lap joint and such a joint ends up being surprisingly strong. To try something different, we are going to use mortise and tenon joinery in this frame. There are plenty of ways to create the mortises and tenons but we are going to show you one simple way.
frame layout
One critical step in creating the mortises and tenons is marking. If you precisely mark what material you need to remove, mistakes are less common. We like to make the mortises about 1/3 the thickness of the material, so we used a 1/4" (7mm) bit in the drill press. A forstner bit is recommended. You may want to make a simple fence that you clamp to the table on the drill press to stabilize the pieces you are drilling into. Make a sequence of holes next to eachother until you have removed the material within your markings. You can clean up the missed areas with a hand chisel.
we made a series of adjacent holes on the drill press, cleaned up with a chisel, to create the mortises.

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