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wall mirror
free plans: how to make a
Wall Mirror
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a framed wall mirror that uses mortise and tenon joinery. You can use the same technique described below to display photographs or paintings. This project requires a relatively small amount of wood and with sufficient sanding and proper finishing, you can achieve a fantastic wall hanging that will make your room appear bigger and more airy.

step:             5        

Check the fit of everything and confirm that all the pieces mate snugly. Before assembly, you could perform some sanding at this stage. There are some areas that will be difficult to sand after assembly so you can sand at this stage, but you need to be careful not to excessively sand the joints. You should also refrain from creating round-overs on those edges that will mate with another frame piece.

Next you are ready for assembly. Confirm and mark the orientation of the pieces so that you don't have to worry about this when the glue is out and drying fast. We used polyurethane glue and applied a small amount on the tenons and clamped the frame together with bar clamps. Confirm that the frame is square and let it dry. A good way to check for squareness is to measure the diagonals of the frame: if the dimensions are identical, they the frame is square.
clamp the frame together until it the glue has dried

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