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Here is a thoroughly enjoyable project that you can mount on any wall. It's a plinko display in which you place a thin puck at the top and let go. The puck randomly bounces its way amongst a series of pins to the bottom where it is held in place by some hidden magnets. While it may look simple, it takes patience and requires some precise work. We made ours to be 5' (1.5m) tall. We think that you will love making and playing with this project!

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With the layout complete, lets drill the holes. Start by using a center punch at each of the intersections that you circled in the last step. If you have a portable drill press, this is a good time to use it. We used a 3/8" (1cm) drill because that is the size of the dowels that we chose. You can use a slightly narrower peg, but we wouldn't go much larger unless your puck size will be bigger than ours. The larger the pegs the more likely that the puck will balance on it.
Before starting the drilling, we recommend drilling a test hole in a scrap piece of wood. Test the fit of the dowel into the hole - it should fit snugly.
You should try to drill as perpendicularly as possible. We clamped a scrap piece of wood on the underside of the plywood (to prevent tearout) and drilled through holes. You can also drill blind holes using a shaft collar on the drill bit. We like using the through hole because it allows us to make slightly longer pegs and tap them in to all the same height. If you are drilling blind holes and plan on bottoming out all of your pegs, you will need to make all your pegs exactly the same length, and this is difficult to achieve.

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