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plinko free plans: how to make a
Basic Description

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Here is a thoroughly enjoyable project that you can mount on any wall. It's a plinko display in which you place a thin puck at the top and let go. The puck randomly bounces its way amongst a series of pins to the bottom where it is held in place by some hidden magnets. While it may look simple, it takes patience and requires some precise work. We made ours to be 5' (1.5m) tall. We think that you will love making and playing with this project!

step:                       10      

Now you can cut the acrylic to size. Set it in place and attach the hinges. Once you have the hinges in place, you can attach a door pull screwed in from behind. We also used glass door clips for the edges - this makes the door much more visible when it is open. We placed them exactly opposite to the hinges so that everything looked symmetrical.
close-up view of hinge

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