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yo yo
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Yo Yo
Basic Description Here is a great example of the power of doing it yourself. Despite also owning a few high-tech yo-yos, this homemade yo-yo is the one I use most often. The size and shape are all custom fit to my hand. Most importantly, the fact that I made it incorporates a level of satisfaction to yo-yoing that a manufactured yo-yo cannot match. This is a simple and classic project that also makes a great gift, and you won't believe the functionality that you can create.

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This is a good time to check the squareness of the disc sander. The table should be set to a 90 degree angle to the sanding disc. Sand the two yo-yo discs right up to the line, making sure that you do not stay in any given place for more than a moment: doing so will cause your wood to burn. Constantly rotate the wood, removing small amounts of material.

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