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yo yo
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Yo Yo
Basic Description Here is a great example of the power of doing it yourself. Despite also owning a few high-tech yo-yos, this homemade yo-yo is the one I use most often. The size and shape are all custom fit to my hand. Most importantly, the fact that I made it incorporates a level of satisfaction to yo-yoing that a manufactured yo-yo cannot match. This is a simple and classic project that also makes a great gift, and you won't believe the functionality that you can create.
Materials hardwood or plywood, hardwood dowel, yo-yo string, finishing oil. A complete material list is provided below.
Tools bandsaw, disc sander, vise, drill press, bolt, washers, nuts, sandpaper. A complete tool list is provided below.
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated cost of materials: $3
Time 3 hours
Difficulty Easy
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the project plan begins here

step:     1                      

The first step involves acquiring the necessary materials and proper tools. It is best to get everything prepared before commencing because you are free to progress without unnecessary interruptions.

Material List

Item Qty. Description
#1 - 1/2" - 5/8" (13-16mm) thick hardwood, ie. maple or walnut: you can also use plywood which will be stronger; you only need enough to make two yo-yo discs which are about 2 1/2" (63mm) in diameter.
#2 1 1/4" or 5/16" (6 or 7mm) hardwood dowel depending on the size of your drill bit: if your drill bit is an undersized 1/4" (6mm) bit, then you can use a 1/4" (6mm) dowel (provided that it is not undersized), otherwise you will have to follow our instructions on how to bring down the size of a 5/16" (7mm) dowel.
#3 - finishing oil more info
#4 1 yo-yo string
#5 1 1/4" - 20 x 3" bolt (M6 x 75mm)
#6 1 1/4" - 20 (M6) nut
#7 2 washers with clearance for 1/4" (M6) bolt
#8 - wood glue (optional)

Tool List

bandsaw more info, jigsaw more info or scrollsaw more info
square more info
sandpaper of varying grits (preferably from 100 to 400)
drill press more info
various clamps more info see plan for details
vise more info
disc sander more info
thickness planer more info not necessarily required
two small wrenches

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