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curved photo stand
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Curved Photo Stand
Basic Description This curvaceous sliver of wood is assembled from a set of thin strips; it can be used to display photos, cards and notes. The sinuous curve is much more than a design element: it provides stability and increases the rigidity of whatever you hold with the central groove. These 'curved photo stands' make great gifts, and they can easily be made out of leftover material.

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Before gluing the pieces together, this is your last chance to sand the interior faces of the groove so you may want to do that now. Once you are ready, apply glue to all the mating surfaces. If you are using polyurethane glue, you really don't need to use a lot. align the pieces with the narrower strip in the middle and begin to clamp the assembly together. A helper is very useful here but not required if you plan ahead. We simply clamped one part of the clamping jig to an additional piece of scrap (melamine works well because the glue won't stick as easily). You may also want to place a sheet of waxed paper between the clamping jig and the base to prevent the glue from binding everything together. Then place the glued pieces in order and lightly clamp the other part of the clamping jig to the base that you are using. Next begin to clamp the two parts of the clamping jig together - if you do this without the previous hold-down clamps, the jig will tend to snap apart. Once you have all the parts secured tightly, let the assembly dry thoroughly. Refrain from unclamping too early because you may lose some of the arc.

Before the glue dries in the groove, you need to clean it out. Polyurethane glue foams and is easiest to remove before it hardens. Yellow glue squeeze-out needs to be removed about 15 to 30 minutes after applying (it will be gummy) or it will be very difficult to remove.
you will need to clamp the clamping jig to a base in addition to clamping the two parts of the jig together

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