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curved photo stand
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Curved Photo Stand
Basic Description This curvaceous sliver of wood is assembled from a set of thin strips; it can be used to display photos, cards and notes. The sinuous curve is much more than a design element: it provides stability and increases the rigidity of whatever you hold with the central groove. These 'curved photo stands' make great gifts, and they can easily be made out of leftover material.

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Now that you have all of the tools and materials, we can jump right into the project. Let's start by preparing the wood for the project. We started with one leftover piece of rough mahogany and surfaced the faces and edges. If you are using previously surfaced lumber, you won't need to do any surfacing. Next rip the wood into two thin strips about 1/8" (3mm) wide. If the wood you are using is particularly hard (and therefore won't bend easily), you should make slightly narrower strips. Rip a third strip between 1/16" to 3/32" (2 - 3mm).

Next, mark a line right down the entire length of the thinnest strip. Using a bandsaw or a jigsaw, cut it in half, lengthwise as shown in the image on the right. This narrow piece of wood will serve as the central strip and create the bottom of the groove that will eventually hold photographs. It should definitely not exceed 1/8" or (3mm) because it will make your groove too wide to efficiently hold a photograph.
each curved photo stand requires 3 thin strips, and one of the strips needs to be cut in half, lengthwise

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