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computer monitor shelf
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Computer Monitor Shelf
Basic Description The space around one's computer is often particularly valuable. At uniqueprojects, we are consistently battling with the clutter on and around our computers; below you will find one of the remedies we designed for the problem. It's a simple plan for a shelf that fits on top of most computer monitors. The shelf can be used to hold all sorts of items: picture frames, notes, papers, and lightweight peripherals (such as computer speakers, small scanners etc.) In the end, this project allows you to convert wasted space into highly usable space.

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Design Considerations


You can use any material but we chose plywood because it is stable, easy to work with, looks great, and we had lots of scrap laying around.


The size of the shelf should correspond to the size of the monitor. A shelf that is significantly larger than the monitor may become unstable depending on what you place on it. You can extend the front of the shelf to extend beyond the front of the monitor and it will serve as a glare-reducer.


We chose a bright color but you can select any color you like or highlight the natural woodgrain by using an oil finish. You could also get a color match of your monitor so that the shelf would be precisely the same color. For information regarding color matching, see our custom colors project.
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