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computer monitor shelf
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Computer Monitor Shelf
Basic Description The space around one's computer is often particularly valuable. At uniqueprojects, we are consistently battling with the clutter on and around our computers; below you will find one of the remedies we designed for the problem. It's a simple plan for a shelf that fits on top of most computer monitors. The shelf can be used to hold all sorts of items: picture frames, notes, papers, and lightweight peripherals (such as computer speakers, small scanners etc.) In the end, this project allows you to convert wasted space into highly usable space.

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Next, set the shelf on top of the monitor in the proper position. Press it down in front so that it is completely seated on the top of the monitor; there should now be a gap between the rear part of the shelf and the rear part of the monitor. Measure this gap and set the measurement aside until we are ready to cut the dowels. While the shelf is in place, mark the position of one of the dowels. Mark the underside of the shelf so that the leg will be about 1" (25mm) from the back and side of the monitor (note that this may not be 1" (25mm) from the back and side of the shelf because monitors typically taper in the back. Once you have one of the marks, measure its position in relation to the corner of the shelf and make another mark on the other side to ensure symmetry. Using a forstner bit, drill blind holes in the plywood in the locations you just marked. We recommend drilling about 1/2 to 2/3 the thickness of the plywood.
unfinished shelf on monitor

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