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Tomato Support
Basic Description Tomatoes are perhaps the perfect plant to grow at home provided you live in the appropriate climate and have some spare space for planting. Although they are incredibly versatile and tasty, purchased tomatoes are often expensive and of poor quality. What could be better than growing and eating a fresh tomato from your garden? In the plan below, we show you how to make a simple support structure that is easy to make, sturdy and unique.

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Design Considerations


In the support we made, the wood slats worked perfectly, and the support is standing as strong as ever. You could use heavier wood, but it is not required.

Tomato Tips

The tomato plants should be about 3' (1m) apart and positioned in full sun. As the plant begins to grow, you will need to lightly tie the vines to the support in a few places. As it continues to grow, you may need to reposition the ties to prevent stunting. It is recommended that tomatoes be planted in new locations each season or every other season. Accordingly, you can move the supports or use them for alternative plants. Most tomatoes ripen about three to four months after planting and they cannot withstand frost, so make sure you have that much time before the next expected frost.

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