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Tomato Support
Basic Description Tomatoes are perhaps the perfect plant to grow at home provided you live in the appropriate climate and have some spare space for planting. Although they are incredibly versatile and tasty, purchased tomatoes are often expensive and of poor quality. What could be better than growing and eating a fresh tomato from your garden? In the plan below, we show you how to make a simple support structure that is easy to make, sturdy and unique.

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All that is left is to complete the horizontals. We fastened three horizontals between each pair of adjacent verticals. Since that the verticals are in place, you measure for the horizontals - note that the horizontals may not be identical in length so measure each one. We just held up pieces of wood and marked the size directly onto the wood itself and cut with a jigsaw. Place the bottom horizontal about 12" inches (30cm) from the soil; the second one should be about halfway up, and the top one should a few inches (10cm) from the top.
completed tomato support
To screw the pieces into place, its best if you have a friend hold the wood as you drill the holes. While the wood was being held, we drilled through the horizontal and into the vertical with a clearance drill bit (slightly larger than the diameter of the screw). Don't penetrate through the vertical because the screw won't have anything to bite onto; stop about halfway and the self-tapping screw will take care of the rest. The pieces of wood are skewed in relation to each other, but that is part of the uniqueness of this design. All that is left is to plant the tomatoes!
close up of attachment of horizontal to vertical

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