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Tomato Support
Basic Description Tomatoes are perhaps the perfect plant to grow at home provided you live in the appropriate climate and have some spare space for planting. Although they are incredibly versatile and tasty, purchased tomatoes are often expensive and of poor quality. What could be better than growing and eating a fresh tomato from your garden? In the plan below, we show you how to make a simple support structure that is easy to make, sturdy and unique.

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This tomato support is made up of verticals and horizontals. The verticals are spaced about 3' (1m) apart and each pair of verticals should have at least three horizontals between them. Lets begin by making the verticals. Cut the wood to 6' (2m) lengths; cut one end with a point on it so that you will be able to drive it into the ground easily. Hitting the verticals straight down into the ground would give an adequate support, but hitting them in at angles produces a much stronger structure. Hit the first one into the ground at approximately a 15 degree angle off vertical. The next one will be three feet (1m) away and it goes in at 15 degrees off vertical but in the other direction. The image on the right depicts a side view. Pound them firmly into the ground until they are stiff. Continue alternating the verticals until you have reached the final one.
side view of verticals

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