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origami card
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Pop Up Origami Card
Basic Description It has been known for centuries that if you cut and fold paper in just the right manner, you can achieve amazing and beautiful results. Below, we have provided simple instructions on how to make an interesting origami card with a couple of sheets of paper. It will require some patience but it is definitely fun and interesting!

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Design Considerations


You can experiment with different types of paper, but as we discussed in the plan, light paper is much more difficult to work with. Excessively heavy paper also doesn't work well because it often prevents the card from completely closing.


Pop-up cards can be made to any size. If you make a real small one, you will need to use lighter paper; large cards will require heavier paper, and the largest of cards can be made of posterboard. Note that on heavier papers, all folds will have to be scored on the face of the paper that will be folded out.


There are all sorts of designs that you can use for these pop-up cards. The best way to explore the possibilities is to experiment with some scrap paper. We experimented with a pop up piano key card; click on the image on the right for an enlarge view. Let us know if you come up with anything unique.

Other Ideas

You can write a message or glue pictures onto a pop-up card. You can also deliver the card in a fabric envelope.
pop up piano key card

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