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origami card
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Pop Up Origami Card
Basic Description It has been known for centuries that if you cut and fold paper in just the right manner, you can achieve amazing and beautiful results. Below, we have provided simple instructions on how to make an interesting origami card with a couple of sheets of paper. It will require some patience but it is definitely fun and interesting!
Materials paper and glue. A complete material list is provided below.
Tools Hobby knife, straight edge and computer printer. A complete tool list is provided below.
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated cost of materials: $1
Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
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step:     1            

The first step involves acquiring the necessary materials and proper tools. It is best to get everything prepared before commencing because you are free to progress without unnecessary interruptions.

Material List

Item Qty. Description
#1 1 Sheet of medium-weight paper
#2 1 Sheet of heavier cardstock or posterboard to serve as the card. You can use a color that contrasts with first sheet for a pleasing look.
#3 - Paper glue, white glue works fine

Tool List

Hobby knife with sharp blade
Straight edge
Computer printer
Heavy book(s) to apply pressure to the paper while the glue is drying
Cutting surface (self-healing cutting mat recommended)

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