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disk wallet
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Disk Wallet
Basic Description Here is a plan for a simple project: a wallet that holds six compact disks or digital video disks. It is an interesting juxtaposition of old and new, but this fabric holder will certainly be a welcome retreat from those plastic jewel cases. The design we describe below will hold six disks, but we will describe how to hold two or three times this amount in the review section at the end of this plan.

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Using the disk wallet


Slide up to six disks into the wallet, one in each pouch. If you want to store more than six disks see the design considerations section below.
the wallet with six disks

folding the wallet

To fold the wallet, simply fold one half over the other: this prevents the disks from falling out. Then, fold in the other direction creating a Z-fold as shown in the graphic on the right.
fold the wallet into the shape of a 'Z'

design considerations

The disk wallet that we show in the plan is just a basic version; there are many options and embellishments that you can include.


You can use any fabric you like but it should be durable enough and rigid enough so that it isn't too flimsy. Softer fabric is best so that you don't scratch the disks.


We kept our wallet free from any additions to make for a sleek and elegant design. You can add a ribbon or other fastener to keep the wallet in the closed position. Other decorations can also be added on the inside or outside of the wallet.


The size of the disks themselves limits the sizing options. We have found that the dimensions given in the plan suitably hold a disk without making it too difficult to insert and remove them from the pouches. You can increase the number of pouches, but increasing this number beyond eight, would probably not be too convenient because it would become increasingly difficult to unfold the wallet. A better way to increase the capacity is described in the following section.

capacity of wallet

One way to change the capacity of the wallet it to increase or decrease the number of pouches. This technique remains functional from about two to eight pouches; anymore than that would not be very practical. The best way to increase capacity is to increase the number of disks held within each pouch. You can also sew small pieces of fabric to fit between disks within each pouch to act as a spacer and prevent scratching. Another method is to sew one or two pieces of fabric along the entire width of the pouches. These pieces of fabric would have to be seamed of course, but they would easily allow you to double or triple the capacity of the wallet. If you plan on storing many disks in each pouch, you will need to increase the distance between the pairs of sew-lines made in step 4 to accommodate for the increased thickness of the disks; failing to do so will prevent you from being able to fold the wallet into the closed position.
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