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disk wallet
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Disk Wallet
Basic Description Here is a plan for a simple project: a wallet that holds six compact disks or digital video disks. It is an interesting juxtaposition of old and new, but this fabric holder will certainly be a welcome retreat from those plastic jewel cases. The design we describe below will hold six disks, but we will describe how to hold two or three times this amount in the review section at the end of this plan.

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Now that you have all of the tools and materials, we can jump right into the project. Let's cut the fabric to size. We allowed an additional 1/2" on all edges to make seams around the entire perimeter. Using an iron we pleated a small amount (1/4" or 5mm) of the edge inward, and then folded it again (an additional 1/4" or 5mm) - this technique will prevent any unsightly fraying. You can start with a piece of fabric 17" x 19 1/2" (43 x 49cm) and after making seams on all edges, the dimensions should be 16" x 18 1/2" (41 x 47cm).
sew seams on all edges of the rectangle

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