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homemade yogurt
free plans: how to make
Basic Description Although making yogurt at home used to be a more common practise, few people today realize how easy it is. As we describe in the plan below, you can make your own delicious yogurt without much effort; its much cheaper to make it on your own, and somehow, it just tastes better.

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There is some leeway with this project, but for the most part you must follow all of the steps properly to get a good final product. If you ran into some problems, here is a guide to help isolate the cause:

Yogurt is runny

  • utensils or containers were contaminated
  • starter culture was added before the milk was cooled
  • incubation temperature was too high or too low
  • starter culture was over heated before mixing with milk
  • too much air was introduced during the mixing process
  • starter culture was old, use a fresh batch

Excessive whey forms on the surface

  • yogurt was over incubated
  • yogurt was agitated during incubation

Yogurt tastes funny

  • contaminated starter culture
  • yogurt was over incubated
  • milk was overheated
completed yogurt

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