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wine rack
free plans: how to make a
Vertical Wine Rack
Basic Description Here's a free plan for a remarkably simple wall-mounted wine-bottle storage rack that makes for an attractive display. The design of the wine rack holds the bottles in a cantilevered position and employs a minimal use of materials. You can group several of these holders made to the length of your choice to hold anywhere from a few bottles to an extensive collection. In addition to wine, this holder is equipped to hold other bottles such as fine sauces or balsamic vinegar.

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All that is left is the coating. We lightly sanded all surfaces to make sure that there were no sharp edges or rough areas. After a coat of primer dried, we finished with some durable paint and let everything dry. You may want to recoat with paint or follow with a clear polyurethane coat to increase the durability of the coating.

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