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wine rack
free plans: how to make a
Vertical Wine Rack
Basic Description Here's a free plan for a remarkably simple wall-mounted wine-bottle storage rack that makes for an attractive display. The design of the wine rack holds the bottles in a cantilevered position and employs a minimal use of materials. You can group several of these holders made to the length of your choice to hold anywhere from a few bottles to an extensive collection. In addition to wine, this holder is equipped to hold other bottles such as fine sauces or balsamic vinegar.

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Let's begin by cutting the wood. A 3" (76mm) wide board can be used to create the two parts of the holder; the base and the loops. We cut a 32" (81cm) length to serve as the base. The loops can be cut directly from the remaining wood as shown in the drawing on the right. We cut one and then used it as a template and traced the pattern to create the others. Simply mark out the cut lines, and cut with a cut along it with a bandsaw, jigsaw or scrollsaw and then sand down to the line with a disc sander; drill the hole with a drill or drill press (preferred). We recommend that you use 1 1/2" holes (38mm). Even though the necks of most wine bottles are 1 1/10" (28mm) we want to make sure that the holder can accommodate virtually any bottle. Note that the larger hole, does not sacrifice the holding ability of the rack. Make sure you back up the piece that you are drilling through with some scrap wood so you don't get any tearout where the bit exits your wood.
loop dimensions
completed loops

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