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welding table
free plans: how to make a
Welding Table
Basic Description Here is a straightforward plan to make a steel table perfect for welding or other metalworking needs. It is very sturdy and the undershelf can hold your welder, supplies, and any shielding gas that you may need. In the review section of the plan, we also show how you can add a couple of wheels to make this a mobile welding station.

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Once the frame is complete, you can add some adjustable feet. If your welder is going to stay in one place and the floor is flat, you can get by without adjustability. If, however, you will be moving the table around, adjustability is critical. We purchased inserts for square tubing at an industrial supply house. These are just tapped into the end of the legs and they include a tapped hole to accept a levellers.
adjustable feet for table

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