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ring toss
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Ring Toss Game
Basic Description This ring toss game is easy to make by anyone with basic woodworking knowledge. The game is great fun indoors or out, and is well suited for people of all ages.

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To complete the woodwork, cut five equal lengths of the hardwood dowel. 5" (125mm) long is a suitable dimension. Round off one end of each of the five dowels using a disk sander. Practice on a piece of scrap - after a few attempts, you can create beautiful rounded ends by rotating the dowel at various angles against the sanding surface. After a light sanding, paint all the pieces as desired. Painting the pieces now is much easier than after final assembly, unless you are painting everything the same color. After the paint has dried, glue the five dowels into place using wood glue.
cut an access hole with a utility knife and install the clock movement

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