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perpetual calendar free plans: how to make a
Perpetual Calendar
Basic Description

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This is an amazing calendar that remains functional for thousands of years. We have three versions: the first is an online version intended for online viewing and printing of selected pages. The year-at-a-glance version uses fourteen ordinary sheets of paper and extends from the year 1600 to 10000. Our favorite is the monthly version that spans 2800 years and fits on 28 sheets of paper. If you used traditional wall calendars during that period, you would need at least 30,000 sheets of paper! Don't worry these aren't microscopic: the pages are full-size.
Materials Paper
Tools Acrobat Reader, computer printer
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated materials cost: $1 - $2
Time Fifteen minutes to make but it lasts virtually forever.
Difficulty Easy
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First you need to decide which calendar you want to make. If you simply want to view a particular month in the past (as early as 1600) or the future (up to the year 10000), you can visit the online perpetual calendar; you can view or print individual months or years during this 8400 year span. This is perfect for looking at the day of the week you were born or looking out into the distant future. If you choose the online version, you can skip the following steps, but you may be interested some background information that we have provided at the end of this project.
month view
If you would like a printed copy of a perpetual calendar then you can choose between the monthly or yearly view. The monthly view requires 28 sheets of paper to be printed on both sides. The yearly-view requires 14 printed sheets: it has the twelve months of a given year on individual pages. You can click on the icons on the right to view larger samples.

Our perpetual calendar doesn't come with any photographs or paintings like the wall calendars that most of us are used to. To make up for this seeming need for images along with calendar information, we have provided some of our recent vacation photos below. Its not clear why calendars became associated with image display, but we think that if you want images to decorate your room, you can get some images (perhaps framed) and display them wherever and whenever you want. Perhaps the novelty of having new photos each month was the impetus for the idea to link calendars with images, but what about those months when you don't particularly enjoy the image: you may want to have a different photo but then you lose the month. It seems to make the most sense to have a calendar that specializes in what it does (display dates) and have images that specialize what they do (beautify a room, remind you of a past moment etc.); you can rotate your wall hangings whenever you want.

Since many months share the same view in the month-at-a-glance version, none of them have the month names written on them. If this is an important feature, you may want to make a wall holder for the perpetual calendar which has a provision for month names.
year view

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