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million wall free plans: how to make a
Million Wall
Basic Description

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We hear about a 'million' all of the time: a million people, a million dollars, a million years etc. It's difficult, though, to get a handle on the concept of a million. This fun project addresses the issue and simultaneously transforms your wall into a conversation piece. You simply paste 100 sheets of paper in a grid pattern over a large painted square area of your wall. Each of the sheets contains 10,000 dots (from the file included below) and the whole wall yields the million dots right in front of you to ponder. Read on for all the details; the plan itself is free!
Materials Paper, wallpaper paste, paint, masking tape, polyurethane (optional). A complete material list is provided below.
Tools Computer printer, paintbrush, measuring tape, scissors or paper cutter. A complete tool list is provided below.
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated cost of materials: $15
Time 3 hours
Difficulty Easy
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the project plan begins here

step:     1            

The first step involves acquiring the necessary materials and proper tools. It is best to get everything prepared before commencing because this allows you to progress without unnecessary interruptions.

Material List

Item Qty. Description
#1 105 heavy paper: it needs to be opaque enough to block out the painted background color, but thin enough to make it through your computer printer. Regardless of what color you choose, make sure that the black printed dots will be visible.
#2 1 clear wallpaper paste: enough to cover approx. 60 square feet (6 square meters)
#3 1 paint: to cover approx. 60 square feet (6 square meters)
#4 1 masking tape: 1 roll approx. 1 1/2 - 2" wide (4 - 5cm)
There are several options with the million wall, so we recommend that you read through the plan first, decide precisely what you want to make, and then purchase/assemble the necessary materials.

Tool List

computer printer
measuring tape
paper cutter, scissors or hobby knife with a cutting board.
recommended: level more info, or plumb bob more info or weight attached to a string
optional: wallpaper smoothing brush more info, to remove bubbles or wrinkles

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