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marble paper holder
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Marble Paper Holder
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a unique paper holder that you can mount on any flat surface. A line of marbles is wedged between two pieces of clear plastic and their weight holds photos, cards, notes or any other paper up against a wall. In addition to the interesting look of this project, there is a great feature: you can insert and remove papers with one hand without fumbling with clips, clamps or magnets.

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design considerations


We tried making this project out of different materials, but low friction surfaces for the front and back panel work best. We recommend acrylic, but sheet metal would probably work well too. If you experimented with wood, make sure that it is highly sanded and finished to create a low friction surface.


The angles and dimensions of the pieces are built around standard 5/8" (16mm) marbles. Everything would work for slightly smaller marbles as well. The holder can be made as long as you like.
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