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marble paper holder
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Marble Paper Holder
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a unique paper holder that you can mount on any flat surface. A line of marbles is wedged between two pieces of clear plastic and their weight holds photos, cards, notes or any other paper up against a wall. In addition to the interesting look of this project, there is a great feature: you can insert and remove papers with one hand without fumbling with clips, clamps or magnets.

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Now that you have all of the tools and materials, we can jump right into the project. Let's start by preparing the wood for the project. Begin by printing the associated drawing for this step. The length of the wood is determined by how long you want the holder to be. We made a small holder that is about 16" (40cm) wide. Tilt the blade on the table saw to 45 degrees and rip a trapezoidal shape so that the long edge is 1 15/16" (49mm). In addition to this "top" piece, make two side pieces as shown.
Each marble paper holder requires one top and two sides.

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