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hammock free plans: how to make a
Basic Description It's easy to make this simple hammock with durable fabric and some basic sewing. It is a lightweight, stable and comfortable accompaniment to any time spent in the outdoors. We will also show you a wonderful knot that will allow you to quickly tie up your hammock without causing damage to the trees or posts that you use as supports. You can also include mosquito netting to protect against insects. There is something so pure about swinging in a hammock out in nature: read on for all the details.

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Next we need to sew a loop at each end to accept the rope that will be used to hold up the hammock. While performing this step, we also need to protect against fraying. We folded over about 3/8" (1cm) of fabric, and then folded over another 2" (5cm) in the same direction. Sewing along the end of the loop you just made yields a loop that will not fray. There are other techniques to achieve the same result, and they are acceptable as long as you create a strong loop that won't fray.
sew a loop into each end of the fabric to accomodate for the rope
If you make the loop too narrow, it will be difficult to slide rope through; making it too wide, simply wastes material and makes the hammock heavier than it needs to be. A 2" - 3" (50 - 75mm) loop seems adequate. Although double stitching may be suitable, we sewed along the loop three times to ensure that we were making a very strong and long-lasting hammock. Repeat this step for the other end of the hammock.

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