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hammock free plans: how to make a
Basic Description It's easy to make this simple hammock with durable fabric and some basic sewing. It is a lightweight, stable and comfortable accompaniment to any time spent in the outdoors. We will also show you a wonderful knot that will allow you to quickly tie up your hammock without causing damage to the trees or posts that you use as supports. You can also include mosquito netting to protect against insects. There is something so pure about swinging in a hammock out in nature: read on for all the details.

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Now that you have all of the tools and materials, we can jump right into the project. Let's cut the fabric to size. We recommend that you mark the cut-line and try to cut squarely and straight because it will make the sewing step a little more straightforward. We started with 36" (1m) wide fabric and used a little of this width to make seams on each edge. While this was a good width it was at the narrow end of the scale. If you make your hammock too wide, on the other hand, the sides tend to completely envelop you - while this is comfortable (some people actually prefer this), your view of the surroundings becomes limited. We recommend anywhere between 36" and 46" (1 - 1.2m). Choose a narrower dimension if the users will be small or medium size; the wider version works for almost anyone.
this hammock is comfortable
The ideal length of the hammock seems to be about 24" (60cm) longer than the tallest user. They can be made longer with similar functionality, but doing so adds unnecessary weight. Any shorter and your head and/or feet will be become cramped up at the ends. We cut our fabric to 36" x 8' (1 x 2.5m).

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