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eye pillow
free plans: how to make an
Eye Pillow
Basic Description These fabric eye pillows are a welcome retreat from the pressures of modern life. When you are trying to doze off, or take a break, simply rest an eye pillow over your eyes. They provide total darkness and a gentle pressure that is quite relaxing. Creating one is remarkably simple and they make great gifts.

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Using your eye pillow

To use your eye pillow simply lay down or lean back in a chair and face the ceiling. Gently place the eye pillow across both of your eyes and concentrate on the darkness and gentle pressure afforded by it.
completed eye pillow

design considerations

The eye pillow that we show in the plan is just a basic version; there are many options and embellishments that you can include.


The fabric should be light yet strong. The weave should be relatively tight so that the filler material will not be able to fall out. Silk, lycra, rayon or any other light fabric will work well. You can also try heavier fabrics; they provide the same pressure but seem to lack the ability to cool.


We made our eye pillow to be 4" x 10" (10 x 25cm) which sufficiently covers both eyes and gives enough weight to provide the gentle pressure that we were looking for. You could make it a bit larger but we recommend that you avoid making too large an eye pillow because it will probably be too heavy. Too small an eye pillow will fail to cover both eyes and will be very lightweight.


We used rice in our eye pillow, but you can also use flax, buckwheat hulls etc. Make sure that whatever you use does not provide a displeasing smell or release fine powders because this will surely be annoying.

other ideas

You can sew on designs or patches to one side of the eye pillow; we recommend against including additional fabric to the side that will be used against the eyes - this will simply get in the way. You can also add aromatic ingredients into the filler to add to the relaxing experience afforded by an eye pillow.
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