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eye pillow
free plans: how to make an
Eye Pillow
Basic Description These fabric eye pillows are a welcome retreat from the pressures of modern life. When you are trying to doze off, or take a break, simply rest an eye pillow over your eyes. They provide total darkness and a gentle pressure that is quite relaxing. Creating one is remarkably simple and they make great gifts.

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Now that you have all of the tools and materials, we can jump right into the project. Let's cut the fabric to size. The size of your fabric will be twice the size of the finished eye pillow. A 8" x 10" (20 x 25cm) piece of fabric will create a 4" x 10" (10 x 25cm) eye pillow.
Once you have the fabric cut, fold the fabric in half (along the long dimension). Make sure that the desired side of the fabric is facing inwards. Sew seams on one of the short sides and along the long side. This creates a long and narrow pouch.

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