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domino effect
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Domino Effect
Basic Description

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domino effect
video clip
This project takes the domino effect to the extreme. Many of us have seen a large domino topple where hundreds if not thousands of dominoes are set up only to be tipped over in succession. In line with our uniqueprojects style, we wondered what would happen if we made our own dominoes; with a little creativity we stumbled across a series of unique shapes and sizes along with simple mechanical devices used to enhance the topple. The resulting topples are quite spectacular, and if you like, you can view a short video clip of a relatively simple topple.

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Another simple enhancement is to create a ramp. We simply used a strips used to make the basic dominoes but cut it to about 12" (30cm). Then we routed a shallow groove down the center (making successive passes on the router table so that we were not removing too much material with each pass) to create a path for a wooden ball. A slope of about 1" per 10" to 12" (1cm per 10 to 12cm) seems to work well. We used a wood file to create a pair of small notches at the top of the track to hold the ball in place. Make sure some of the ball is protruding beyond the top of the track so that it can be struck by a domino. A toppling domino simply bumps it from the notches and it slowly rolls down the ramp to strike another domino.
a ramp is an easy way to break up the cacophony of a domino tumble

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