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origami card
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Pop Up Origami Card
Basic Description It has been known for centuries that if you cut and fold paper in just the right manner, you can achieve amazing and beautiful results. Below, we have provided simple instructions on how to make an interesting origami card with a couple of sheets of paper. It will require some patience but it is definitely fun and interesting!

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Now you are ready to begin cutting. Using a very sharp hobby knife, cut on all of the solid lines in the pattern. Its best to perform this step on a self-healing cutting mat, but if you don't have access to one, you can use a piece of cardboard or an old magazine. We recommend that you progress methodically so the cuts are smooth and begin/end in the proper places.
using a compass, draw two circles and then drill two through holes
As you proceed, keep in mind that the printed side will be the back of the card so that it will be out of view when completed. Next you need to score the remaining lines. Scoring means that you are cutting only partially through the paper. It is best to practice this technique on some scrap paper first. Refrain from allowing the knife blade from penetrating all the way through the paper; delicately slide the blade along the surface so that it will be easy to create a fold there. Scoring works best on the side of the paper that will be folded out (ridge folds), but we don't want the scores to be visible, so create all the scores on the printed side of the sheet.

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