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Basic Description This paper mobile hangs gracefully and the components slowly change their orientations as gentle wind currents flow around any room. You will need to have some patience to cut all the pieces and thread them together, but its a very enjoyable process. The process described below can be used to make this project out of different materials such as wood or metal.

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You can use the template that we used by clicking on the image on the right. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. Tape the template to your posterboard and transfer the pattern by cutting on each line with moderate pressure (cut through the template but not all the way through the posterboard). Next remove the template and cut out all the pieces. At this point you can use some sandpaper or an emery board to repair any cuts that have jagged edges. We used various colored posterboards, but you can use a single type or paint them however you please. Make sure the paper is rigid enough to prevent curling upon painting.
mobile template

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