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wood letters
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Wooden Letters
Basic Description What can be a better toy for a child than a colorful set of wooden letters? This is a simple, fun and very satisfying project. You can complete an entire alphabet or just create a smaller set of letters that spells something significant like the child's name.

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Design Considerations


We used 3/8" (1cm) thick plywood but you can use different thicknesses or use hardwood. You could even make these letters out of plastic sheet such as ABS or PVC.


We made our letters about 3" (75mm) high, but you can select any size you like. Keep in mind that very small letters will be difficult to cut and the radiuses required may be too small for your cutting tools. If you want the letters to be able to stand upright, make sure that the material is thick enough.


Complex fonts are going to be much harder to cut and sand. We chose a sans-serif font which made the project very straightforward. Also consider the minimum radiuses that your cutting tools can handle.

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