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built in wall clock
free plans: how to make a
Wall Clock
Basic Description Here is a free plan to create a clock built into the wall of your choice. Simple battery-operated clock movements are inexpensive and easy to acquire. It is a relatively short process and you can give any room a more regal look with this simple project. Note that these plans are for installing a clock in a wall made of wallboard or drywall (brick, stone, or thick plaster walls cannot accommodate the shaft lengths of standard clock movements).

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The final step before installing the clock movement is to cut out the square. You can use a utility knife and a straight edge and make repeated passes until you have penetrated through the drywall. Once you are through, the hole you drilled from the other side should be right in front of you. Finally, install the clock movement following the manufacturer's instructions, set the time, and insert a battery. Refer to the review section below for information regarding an access door.
cut an access hole with a utility knife and install the clock movement

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