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treasure hunt free plans: Treasure Hunt Ideas
Basic Description Gifts are often wrapped in an attempt to incorporate an element of surprise into the gift-opening process. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, the contents of the package become known and the anticipation subsides. In the plan below, we show you how to extend and enhance the anticipation. Perhaps, more importantly, giving a gift via a treasure hunt injects a substantial dose of meaning into the process that is sure to be appreciated. Our extensive list of ideas will allow you to customize a hunt for anyone.
Materials Material requirements vary based on the nature of the treasure hunt you choose to create. A simple treasure hunt can be made solely with paper and tape; the material requirements increase as the hunt you design becomes more elaborate.
Tools There are no particular tool requirements for this project, unless you plan something elaborate
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated cost of materials: $1 and up
Time Varies: a basic treasure hunt would take about 2 hours to create.
Difficulty Easy
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Instead of merely giving a gift to a recipient, you send them on a search for their gift. To include as much excitement as possible, we send the recipient to a location where they will find information directing them to yet another location with more information; these steps continue until they finally reach the gift location.
The clearest way to explain how this treasure hunt works is to provide an example: You could begin by simply giving a card that instructs them that a gift is waiting at the end of nine steps or stages. In the card you explain that the first step is to find a note attached beneath a table in the house. After searching beneath all the tables in the house, they discover a note that instructs them to find the northernmost tree in a nearby park -- there they will find the next instruction tied to one of the branches etc. The process continues until they reach the final instruction which tells them where they can find the gift which needs to be hidden, but it can remain unwrapped if you prefer. Using the ideas below, this process can be extended indefinitely either by incorporating more steps, by increasing the geographic distance between locations, or by increasing the difficulty of solving some clue.
treasure hunt

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