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stamp holder
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Stamp Holder
Basic Description Here is a plan for an incredibly simple project. The minimalist design is both fun to make and functional. It's a great project if you don't have much time or material or if you are a beginner trying to gain some experience working with wood.

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Design Considerations


We used cherry to match other desk accessories that we have, but any hardwood will suffice. Weak woods, such as pine are not recommended because they can split along the grain. If you need to use a weaker wood, make sure that the you increase the wall thickness of the stampholder.


We used 1 1/2" (4cm) thick wood but you can use any thickness you like. Its probably best to size your holder to the rolls of stamps that are available in your country. A thick holder will accommodate thin stamps, but a thin holder is not well suited for a wide roll of stamps. The distance between the inside diameter and outside diameter must be sufficient to prevent splitting. There aren't too many forces on the stamp holder, but if it were to fall, for example, it needs to withstand the impact. Depending on the strength of the wood you are using, and the thickness that you choose, we recommend from a 1/2" to 3/4" (13 - 19mm) wall thickness.


We made our stamp holder round, but any shape will work. Make sure, however, that the wall thickness is not compromised.

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