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wooden box free plans: how to make a
Shallow Box
Basic Description

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This shallow box is relatively easy to make and the unique technique allows for a very wide variety of possibilities. In the free plans below, we describe a rather complicated use of the technique but we will provide detailed instructions for many other options. Expand your boxmaking horizons beyond ordinary rectangularity!

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Next you can cut the pattern to size. If you are relatively skilled on the bandsaw, you can get quite close to the line; its safer though, to leave the line, and finish up the sizing with a disc sander (for outside curves) and a oscillating spindle sander or drum sanding attachment for a drill press (for inside curves). Only cut the interior surfaces at this time. Leave the rectangular shape to the board: this will make the gluing process much easier.
You should complete all sanding of the bottom panel and inside surfaces of the top panel at this time. It is very easy to access these areas: once the pieces have been glued together, it will be much more difficult to sand.

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