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large Worktable
Overview At UNIQUEPROJECTS we focus on providing our users with unique project plans. To keep our endeavor afloat, however, we occasionally work on other projects. Here is an overview of an extremely large worktable with an undershelf.

This is a huge worktable that you can make in a few hours. We made the frame (shown on the right) out of 2" x 3" (35 x 65mm) spruce. It is a very straightforward layout that was fastened solely with self-tapping wood screws. If some increased rigidity is required, the layout of the frame allows for a long angled gusset to span between the undershelf and the parts of the frame just below the tabletop. As you can see from the image on the right, we omitted these stiffeners. large worktable frame
Here is a detail of the undershelf. We included some small gussets to provide some added rigidity. Again all the parts are fastened solely with wood screws. You can also notice the step that we routed in the top of the shelf-supports to accept some thin melamine. Plywood or other manufactured panel would also be sufficient for the shelf material. We sized the undershelf to accommodate sitting from all sides of the table. If your table will always be butted up against a wall then you may want to adjust the size of the shelf accordingly. detail of shelf support
Here is a closeup of the frame construction. The main pieces of the frame are offset as shown to ease assembly and minimize the amount of cutting required. We also used some furniture glides beneath the legs to prevent marring of the hardwood floor that it rests on. The tabletop is connected to the frame using metal angle brackets and wood screws. detail of frame construction
This is a closer view of the undershelf. We routed a step the same thickness as the melamine shelf. This yields a flush shelf surface. The melamine can be nailed or glued in place, but we achieved such a nice fit that we just let it rest in place. close up of undershelf seated in the frame
The dimensions of the table were designed around the use of a full sheet of melamine for the top. A 4' x 8' (1.2 x 2.4m) table is enormous and few have the luxury to have the room to accommodate such a piece - but if you have the room, such a work surface is a treat for working on all sorts of projects. We included some hardwood (poplar) edging to protect the edges of the top panel. After rounding over one edge with a router, we sanded, nailed in, and then finished the edging with some durable polyurethane. detail of tabletop

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