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wooden Toolbox
Overview At UNIQUEPROJECTS we focus on providing our users with unique project plans. To keep our endeavor afloat, however, we occasionally work on other projects. Here is an overview of a toolbox that we made out of walnut, maple and birch.

This unique toolbox includes sides and ends that incorporate a wavelike theme. The corners are assembled with box joints and the bottom panel is fitted into a groove that runs around the entire periphery of the toolbox. arts and crafts style nightstand
Here is a detail of the box joints that are used on all four corners of the toolbox. I used a home-made box joint sled, and a dado set on the table saw to create them. The handle has a strip of maple sandwiched between two pieces of walnut; the tenon that attaches it to the end penetrates through a mortise. Note that the grain on the maple runs vertically while the walnut runs horizontally; this provides extra strength for the handle. arts and crafts style nightstand
Here is a closeup view of the intersection of the handle and the sides from the inside of the toolbox. You can see the maple stripe on the handle and the birch plywood bottom of the toolbox. To finish the project, I sanded with increasingly fine grits of sandpaper from 100 to 400 and then applied three coats of an antique oil finish. arts and crafts style nightstand

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