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mission bed
making a Mission Bed
Overview At UNIQUEPROJECTS we focus on providing our users with unique project plans. To keep our endeavor afloat, however, we occasionally work on side projects. Those who are interested, can follow along the process of constructing a mission style bed for a client.
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I was very happy with the finish. The sanding took more time than I anticipated but it was well worth the effort. The antique oil provides beautiful luster and brings out the details of the grain patterns. detail of finish
The joints also came out very well. The technique of assembling all of the slats in the rails (described earlier) proved to be an effective system; each of the slats was very strongly held in place and the bed as a whole is extremely sturdy. detail of joints
I am very pleased with the strength of the bed rail fasteners. The bed takes just a few minutes to assemble and fasteners establish extremely strong connections. This system made transporting the bed relatively easy. The head and footboards are separate as are the two side rails and the loose poplar slats that are placed between them. the completed headboard
Overall the project was a great success. I spent a significant amount of time coming up with a construction system that satisfied me and this added to the time demands of the project. If I was to make another one, I am sure that I could shave many hours off what I spent on this particular bed. The design itself, however, is excellent and extremely strong and durable. The client is very pleased with all aspects of the bed and is in the process of determining the design requirements of what he would like to order next! the completed footboard

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