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Miniature Dry Garden
Basic Description Here is a free plan for a miniature version of the traditional dry rock garden. These gardens have been perfected over the centuries as centers of quiet reflection. In keeping with the simple elegance of these gardens, we show you how to make the entire project, including the rake, out of a single piece of wood. These make perfect gifts or stress-relieving aids.

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Now you are ready to create the rake. We drew a pattern on the edge of the narrow strip the we cut earlier and trimmed it on the bandsaw. Next you can remove material on the other face with the same method. Clearly mark you lines before you begin the cut.
cut the wood into smaller pieces
At this point there are many ways in which you can detail the rake: you can use a carving knife or chisels. We simply freehanded the curves by using a disk sander and a tabletop belt sander. Regardless of how you choose to complete the rake, be careful. We chose to make four tines but this number can be increased or decreased as desired. We kept the tines to 1/8" (3mm) so they would be strong; we recommend creating 1/8" (3mm) gaps between the tines if you are using fine sand. If your sand is more coarse, you may want to increase the gap. Its best to experiment with all of this with some scrap wood.
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