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magnetic sculpture
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Magnetic Sculpture
Basic Description This sculpture relies on a magnet encased in a piece of wood, covered by a thin sheet of plastic. Metal parts placed on top of the base become magnetized and this gives them very interesting properties. You can shape the parts as if they were a single mass; its very fun to play with while you are talking on the phone etc. Think of it as a 3D doodler.

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Design Considerations


We used walnut, but other woods will work fine. You can also paint the wood instead of using an oil finish as we did. The plastic should be thin yet durable, and opaque plastic is preferred. You can use thicker plastic, but this will diminish the effectiveness of the magnet.


The base has to be larger than the magnet you are using, and it also should be massive enough to prevent shifting during play. If you are using a dense wood and a large magnet, then the base wont have to be too large. If you opt for a lighter wood, we recommend that you make the base a little larger to ensure stability.


We made a simple square shape, but any shape would work as long as the magnet is completely recessed into the base. You can also make a large base and set in more than one magnet to create multiple areas for play.

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