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crawling bug
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Crawling Bug
Basic Description

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This is a fun toy that displays a unique crawling action when rolled or pushed across a surface. There are lots of little parts to deal with, and therefore it is more challenging to make than it may look. In the end, however, its a great toy that is as fun to make as it is to play with. As we do with most of our plans, we leave plenty of room for customization so your bug can reflect your tastes.
Materials Wood, dowels, washers, paint, polyurethane, large O-rings, wood glue, wooden axle caps. A complete material list is provided below.
Tools Bandsaw or scrollsaw, sandpaper, drill press and various drill bits, disk sander, oscillating spindle sander or drum sanding attachment for drill press, wood file, clamps. A complete tool list is provided below.
Cost The plan itself is free! Estimated cost of materials: $9
Time 5 hours
Difficulty Moderate
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step:     1            

The first step involves acquiring the necessary materials and proper tools. It is best to get everything prepared before commencing because you are free to progress without unnecessary interruptions.
the assembled crawling bug toy

Material List

Item Qty. Description
#1 - The body requires 2 pieces of approx. 3/4" (19mm) thick hardwood or plywood (hardwood preferred) and the remaining pieces are made from 3/8" (10mm) hardwood or plywood (hardwood preferred). See the pattern (requires Acrobat Reader) for details and dimensions.
#2 3 feet (1m) 1/4" (6mm) diameter wood dowel
#3 16 steel or nylon washers with 1/4" (6mm) inside diameter
#4 - wood glue
#5 4 Rubber O-Rings approx. 2" (51mm) outside diameter and 1/8" (3mm) wide
#6 12 axle caps (available at many craft stores) for 1/4" (6mm) dowel; you can make these yourself as described in step 4
#7 - optional: paint and small brush
#8 - optional: polyurethane

Tool List

bandsaw  more info or scrollsaw  more info
disc sander  more info and/or belt sander  more info
recommended: drum sanding attachment for drill press  more info or spindle sander  more info
drill press  more info with various drill bits  more info

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