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complico paper folding puzzle free plans: how to make the
Complico Paper Folding Puzzle
Basic Description

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'Complico' means to fold together in Latin, and that is exactly what you will do with this simple but ingenious project. After quickly printing and preparing any of the many puzzles that we have provided, you are ready to try and solve them. Beware, however, the difficulty varies from joyfully simple to satisfyingly tricky to devilishly complex! This is a perfect game to fold up and keep in your pocket so that is ready to play whenever you have some spare time.
Materials Paper
Tools Acrobat Reader, computer printer, scissors
Cost The puzzles are free! Estimated materials cost: $.02 per puzzle
Time One minute to make, hours of fun!
Difficulty The puzzles are very simple to make, but the solutions vary from easy to virtually impossible.
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the project plan begins here

step:     1            

First you need to print out a puzzle. To do this, you will need the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have the reader, please click on the link and follow the installation instructions.
We offer every puzzle in two paper sizes (letter and A4). Each paper size has two files, one for the front of the page and one for the back. After printing one side of the paper, you will need to place the paper the opposite way into your printer, but make sure that top of the printed side is closer to the printer. Click on the green play button to view the animation for this step.
The first puzzle is called 'creations', click on the appropriate links to load the Acrobat files for printing:

Letter paper:

A4 paper:

If you are having any difficulties downloading or printing, you should visit the acrobat troubleshooter page. Before proceeding, you should check the orientation of your printout. Look at the front of the puzzle: The top row of letters should be C, I and O from left to right. When you flip the paper over, all the letters should be rightside-up and read O, I and C from left to right. If the orientation matches, you're ready to move on, otherwise, you will need to reprint the puzzle.

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