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block stacking game free plans: how to make a
Block Stacking Game
Basic Description

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This is a fun and simple game that you can make from scraps of wood that you have leftover from other projects. As always, we offer a wide variety of options so you can customize the project and game rules to your suit your desires. It's a great game for two or more players and you can even play solitaire. It requires a unique combination of dexterity, strategy, and analysis that is enjoyed by players of all ages: its never the same game twice.

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With most of the blocks already complete, you are ready to make the base. Start by oversizing the base and playing a test game, if it is very easy to stack all the blocks, then the base is too big. We made a round base with a 3 3/4" (95mm) diameter, but the shape is not critical - it doesn't even have to be flat. Bring the size down in small increments until stacking all the blocks becomes challenging or make more blocks to accommodate the size of the base. We recommend that you make a few more blocks to ensure that it is virtually impossible to balance all the blocks on the base. This will make for a challenging solitaire game. A few extra blocks is also a good way to keep the game functional even if you lose a block or two.
The shapes are not critical, but we recommend that the base be relatively flat and the blocks are of similar size. The only critical component is the ratio of the base size to the size and number of the blocks. If the base is too big, then the game will not be challenging, if it is too small then you will only be able to fit a few blocks on it.

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