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walnut shell case free plans: how to make a
Walnut Shell Case
Basic Description This walnut shell case secretly houses a small gift, note, or poem. As we describe in the plan below, you simply crack open an inshell (or whole) walnut, remove the nut meat, insert a small item and glue the shell back together. Surprisingly, with a little care and practice, you can create a secretive walnut case that looks and feels like a completely unaltered walnut. This makes for an intriguing gift or party favor and is perhaps best given along with a nutcracker. Read on for a thorough description and several ideas.

step:           4      

Next, insert the item of your choice. It shouldn't be something too fragile because the recipient will probably use a nutcracker and may crush through the shell. Make sure the item fits completely within the shell; any protrusion is an indication that you need to find a bigger walnut or a smaller insert.
walnut with string
Instead of having to give an instruction to the recipient that they should open the walnuts, we like to make the gift self explanatory. We usually give the special walnuts along with a nutcracker and to make it clear that these are not ordinary walnuts we ensure that at least one has something sticking out from the base. The base of a walnut has a small hole which is a convenient exit point for some twine or ribbon. It is important that the protruding item doesn't fall out or can be pulled out; We have discovered that a string or ribbon with a knot tied in the walnut end works well. You can tie the other end to the nutcracker. We have provided several ideas for inserts in our design considerations section at the end of this plan.
walnut with a string (tie a knot on one end of the string and place that end within the walnut before gluing)

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