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magazine holder free plans: how to make a
Magazine Holder
Basic Description This holder will organize your magazines in a simple and elegant way. A hanging pouch neatly holds your reading material so that it is off the table, but always within easy reach. The fabric is easily removable for cleaning and the whole project goes together rather quickly. You can customize the look to compliment your decor or add extra tiers for increased capacity.

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When the glue has dried, remove any squeeze out. If you used yellow glue as opposed to polyurethane glue, you should remove squeeze-out about 30 minutes after gluing, just when it becomes gummy. Complete any final sanding and measure and cut the dowels. We like to make them just slightly undersized so they can just slide in and do not come out too easily. We are cutting the dowels now because its only now that you know exactly the dimension that you need. Sand the dowels and gently round over the ends as well.
assembled magazine holder before finishing
Next you can drill holes in the back panel to allow for mounting. There are many ways to mount this project but we recommend that you fasten it to something very firm. If your home has wooden studs, you can just drill two clearance holes in the center. Or if your back panel is wide enough, you can span between two studs. You don't have to be too concerned about the appearance of these holes, because the fabric pouch will keep them out of view.

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